INDIGO ART STUDIO had their opening launch party on 7 March. Besides the celebration and introduction of our creative company and its members, we also organised a Creative Market selling handmade products. This joint event took place on at our home office in Panqu village and many people came from all over Dali on this bright sunny day! 


Crafts, Performance and Events are the 3 main focuses of INDIGO ART STUDIO. We wanted to have a little bit of each during the day. With the Creative Market, the vendors sold their handcrafted products including pottery, paintings, homemade vinegars, soaps, creams, balms and much more. INDIGO also launched their range of lavender balm and care-oil, along with their enamel designer lamp range and customised tea gift sets. As handmade is an important part of our values, even the free beer and sausages that we gave out during the party were homemade ones from a local supplier. 

INDIGO resident performer, Matthieu, gave a crystal ball performance during the event, with musical accompaniment much to everyone's delight. It was a glimpse into one kind of performance that INDIGO can provide. 

More than a hundred people showed up and enjoyed the joyous afternoon, much more than we had anticipated. The creative market was well received by everyone and we hope to make it a bigger and better (and regular) event in the future. 

Thanks to everyone who attended our launch party. We also introduced our new website to everyone there. For those who would like to received updates on INDIGO news, please subscribe on our website. 

Stay tuned, you'll be hearing from INDIGO ART STUDIO very soon!